Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist (Lecture and Hands-On)

11 MAY 2017
PRESENTER: Dr. Ben Davis, Dr. Jean-Charles Doucet and Dr. James Brady
WHERE: Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry
WHEN: May 11 All Day, May 12 All Day, May 13 All Day, May 14 All Day

Course Outline

This four-day course will provide dental hygienists with both didactic and clinical hands-on

training in the administration of local anesthesia. The didactic lectures will cover the following topics:

Neurophysiology of pain
Mechanism of nerve blockade
Assessing patients for local anesthesia
Pharmacology of local anesthetics
Pharmacology of vasoconstrictors
Calculating doses administered
Local and systemic complications of local anesthesia and their management
Basic maxillary local anesthesia techniques
Basic mandibular local anesthesia techniques
Local anesthesia failures and their management
Advanced local anesthesia techniques


Two months prior to the course, the lecture material and a “self-assessment” quiz will be distributed electronically to all participants to allow for self-directed learning.

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