NL Alumni Tour: Reconstructing the TMJ and complications in surgical implants

21 OCTOBER 2017
PRESENTER: Dr. Ben Davis
WHERE: Memorial University, Arts adn Administration Building, 230 Elizabeth Ave, A1043 and A1046, St. John’s, NL
WHEN: Oct 21 9:00AM

This course will examine the options and considerations for reconstructing the temporomandibular joint and explore some of the surgical complications that can occur in implant dentistry.

At the end of this course, participants have a greater understanding of TMJ reconstruction and will know what conservative and surgical treatments should be attempted prior to considering TMJ reconstruction. They will also have a knowledge of the common complications that can occur during implant surgery. Topics include:

• TMJ reconstruction options
• Predicting which patients will benefit from TMJ reconstruction and their expected
• Managing TMJ patients post-operatively
• Minimizing and managing complications that arise during implant surgery
• Deciding when to refer a patient

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