Recovery Area – After Surgery

You will wake up in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit. (PACU) . Most patients recover from their anesthetic in this area.

The nurse caring for you in the PACU will frequently check your:

  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Breathing
  • Intravenous
  • Dressings

Your nurse will also assess your level of discomfort / pain and give you medications as needed.

You may be sleepy, your mouth may be dry, and there may be a small plastic airway in place to help your breathing. You may be given oxygen for a short time.

The patches, placed on your chest for heart monitoring, may still be in place. The clothespin like device attached to your finger may also be in place to measure your oxygen levels.

There may be a small amount of drainage on your dressings. Do not be alarmed as this often happens. Your nurse will watch this and call the surgeon if needed.

The skin around where you had your surgery may be pink. This is normal. It is a cleansing solution used in the OR to ensure your skin is clean before surgery starts.

When you are more awake and comfortable, you will be taken to the post recovery area to get ready to go home.